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Door Alarms

Door Alarms Door Alarms

Door Alarms

Door Alarms

Introducing a door alarm into your home is an uncomplicated and inexpensive way to achieve top notch home and business security, maintain impeccable client service, or protect your children from injury. Before buying and installing a door alarm, you need to be acquainted with the benefits of these devices:

(1) Where a alarm ought to be placed

(2) How a alarm works

(3) The best use for a alarm.

With this information in hand, you will have the ability to choose the type of door alarm that will best fit your needs.

The Placement of a Alarm

The key achieving top security is to place a door alarm on every exterior door. Burglars often use back doors, garage doors, and basement doors to gain entry into homes or businesses. Knowing when someone is entering or exiting is most thorough if each door is fitted with a alarm.

How a Door Alarm Works.

In layman’s terms, magnetic strips are placed on the door and on the door frame, and when the contact is broken the alarm sounds. The sound emitted is dependent upon the type of alarm you choose. The sound options are numerous: short, fairly quiet beeps or chimes, loud, piercing sirens and some even sound like a barking German Shepard.

A loud alarm is used for security reasons, while a softer-sounding alarm is for notifying you when someone enters or exits.

The Many Uses for a Door Alarm

A alarm is most frequently used as a security device. There is no better way to secure your home than to be notified each and every time someone opens or closes a door, but there are several other reasons to utilize a door alarm in your home or business. Often a business will place a alarm on the front door to notify employees when customers enter, thereby allowing employees to stay productive by not having to keep a constant eye on the door. Emergency exits are often equipped with a door alarm so that if or when they are opened, the entire building will be aware of a potential emergency situation. To keep small children from gaining access to a swimming pool, a door alarm can be placed on the gate surrounding the swimming pool area. This type of placement, with the alarm access button or key pad out of reach, ensures small children will non be astatine risk of drowning.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, “57 percent of burglaries in the United States, in 2003, took place without forced entry.” Installing a door alarm is an inexpensive way to ensure your home won’t be part of this statistic.

By Ralph Winn

Article Source: ezinearticles.com

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